Student finance 2019

Until recently, part-time students had no financial means. Fortunately, the tide is turning, and in 2019/20, England and Wales offer significant support for part-time students

Scotland and Northern Ireland also offer financial support, which means that this year more funds are available to students than ever before!

Hold on tight, as long as we announce everything you need to know about part-time work

What's on this page?

Acceptance criteria for part-time students

As with most aspects of part-time work, the selection criteria depend on where you live in the UK. This says that there are some conditions that you should meet, no matter where you live

  • You must have been
  • So, we say that you have to meet these conditions, but in fact it's just the living criteria that you need to fulfill if you want to be assured of the funding

    If you do not meet some of these criteria, you can still apply (for example, if you are an EU citizen or a refugee). Check out the site

    Part-time training grants and grants

    Part-time tuition is usually calculated based on the number of modules that you will be able to teach compared to a full-time student. For example, if the full equivalent of your course contains eight modules in a semester, and you study four in a semester, you will look at 50% of the full employment cost per year

    The financial support that will help you cover the cost of training varies dramatically depending on where you live in the UK. However, wherever you live, funding will always be paid directly to your university, not to you

    Scroll down to see what funding you can apply based on the location in the UK, where you live permanently (don't worry, we ordered the countries in alphabetical order to be useful)

    Preferential loans for education in England

    In England, the annual cost of training for part-time students

    If you're not sure your university, public or private, don't worry. Not in the mood to study? Choose our company and forget about boring essays and complicated tasks.

    Part-time tuition fees are maintained in Northern Ireland

    If you are a part-time student in Northern Ireland, you are able to apply for two different kinds of tuition fees-but only if your course meets the level of training requirements (how long it takes to compare with the staff equivalent)

    To be eligible for tuition fees in Northern Ireland, you must learn

    Scours for tuition in Northern Ireland

    If your course meets the intensity requirements specified above, you can apply for a loan for tuition

    If you also receive tuition fees, this will reduce the amount of credit that you can receive (but do not allow it to delay the grant request)

    I mean, the tuition fee in Northern Ireland for full-time work is £ 4,275, so it's unlikely that a part-time school fee will exceed 3120 pounds, and if they do, it shouldn't be too much

    This suggests that tuition fees in the rest of the United Kingdom may be much higher than £ 3120, so if you are to study outside Northern Ireland, you may find yourself paying for the remaining amount

    Education grants in Northern Ireland

    In addition, you must meet the rate requirements

    If your household's income is less than £ 16, 843/year, you will be entitled to the highest possible grant for the student in its intensity. However, if you have an income above 25,420 pounds sterling, you will not be able to claim any Fits Grant-regardless of the intensity of your course

    If your household income is between the lower and upper thresholds, you will receive a partial subsidy based on sliding scale, up to a minimum grant of 50 pounds

    Education grants in Scotland

    Unlike the rest of the United Kingdom, Scotland does not offer tuition loans to underemployed students-it offers only tuition grants that should not be paid

    How much you can get depends on the type of course you are studying, and how intensive your research is. SAAS (Student Awards Agency Scotland) defies the intensity of the number of loans you make every year compared to the number of people in the classroom

    To save you from doing your own math, SAAS provides

    The cost of education in Scotland is Pound1, 820

    Scours for part-time tuition in Wales

    Loans for part-time education in Wales vary according to the type of school in which you are studying and where it is. Moreover, to have the right to have you learn

    In the case of students of Welsh Universities and Colleges, Open University and

    If you're studying

    Grants and subsidies for part-time students

    Credit: Warner Bros

    So far, all the British proposals

    Details of the support available to part-time students in the United Kingdom, which commenced on or after 1 August 2018, are set out below. Again, we run the country through the country, ordered in alphabetical order to make your life a little easier

    Loans for part-time service in England

    The cost of part-time service in England is calculated as a percentage of the amount that the full-time student will receive under the same conditions (where you live and learn)

    For the context, here's how much for maintenance

    This table explains how a large service credit you can expect based on the intensity of your research:

    So, in order to estimate how much credit for the part-time work you are entitled to, look at the top table and find a living/learning situation for you, and the income of the household closest to you. Use the second table to set the intensity range, and apply this to the amount taken from the first table

    For example, say you're a student in London, living away from home. Your family income is £ 40, 000/year, and you learn 55% of the intensity

    As a full-time student, you will receive 9449 lb for service, but when you learn 55% of the intensity, you are in the group 50%-which means you will receive a part-time loan

    Training manuals for part-time students in Northern Ireland

    In Northern Ireland, unfortunately, there is very little support from part-time students. The only money on offer comes in the form of Grant, who has his fair share of positive and negative

    Plus, of course, Grant

    What's more, you need to learn

    Support for part-time students in Scotland

    At present, SAAS (the Scottish Students ' Awards Agency) does not provide any support for part-time students. It's far from perfect, but if you're an undergraduate from Scotland, don't panic!

    While your financial institution does not provide any financial support

    If you're still going nowhere, check out our guide

    Loans for content and subsidies for part-time students in Wales

    The cost of part-time work and the provision of subsidies in Wales works in the same way

    The share of borrowing compared to the dot-com is determined by household income, with students from wealthier families receiving a lower percentage as a subsidy, and those with lower household incomes receive larger subsidies

    Unlike England, the intensity of the study is not grouped into groups-instead, the intensity of the study of your course will be used compared to the staff equivalent

    Note, however, that the "full" amount is not a full-time student loan to Service-this is a little less, as this table shows (with some examples of household income to give an indication of how much you can expect):

    Of course, as a part-time student, you will not be studying 100% of the intensity

    Thus, if you study 50% of the intensity, your total package will be 50% of the "full" amount (3,325 pounds), with the GWL share and the service credit determined by your income

    To give another example (simply to make it super, super clear), if you study the intensity of 25% (the minimum required to get support), you get 25% of the 'full' sum-£ 1.662.50. Again, the difference between the grant and the service credit will vary according to the income of your household

    How to apply for a part-time student loan

    While the Inxins and Part-Time Exchanges of Student Finance vary widely from the regular student funding, the application process is quite similar

    As never before, you simply need to contact the relevant financier (remember: it is based on where you usually live, not where you will learn) before the term

    For the full spire of everything you need to know, I'll check our manual

    Overpaid for part-time work

    As with the application process, overpayment for part-time student work also coincides with full-time equivalents

    We are going to complete the details in our guide