9 odd university scholarships, grants and scholarships

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However, our survey also showed that only 31% of you receive funding in the form. But the truth is, there are all kinds of strange and surprising sources of funding, and you often find that you have the right to have the strangest of reasons. Scroll down to see if you have a right to an unexpected cash flow!

Weird funding for university students

Grant to be a vegetarian

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In Lisa's vegan family, Simpson has ridicued Lisa's decision to stop eating meat singing "you don't win friends with lettuce." However, they did not understand that Liza received the right to receive a grant.

But don't think you can just give up the meat to get the money. It's a grant to those who do Scholarship to be a talented player in the field of sport.

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Your parents could tell you that you're sitting in your room "Graham" at the grocery store

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Sometimes you have to work hard

Graham Trust was created in 1759 to help young boys in Glasgow with the name Graham to attend school and learn the craft that will enable them to become "useful members of society".

At present, the criteria for selection of candidates have changed slightly and, in particular, funding for men is now available.

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It's no secret that having parents with a "right" job might mean you're better at being humiliated than some other students. However, this is not just about students whose parents are doctors, lawyers and successful entrepreneurs.

The charity is a little bit of a "financial need," so you'll have to provide some information about your financial situation and how the boursar would help you at the university.

They also have several provisions on what constitutes a commercial traveller, pharmacist or grocer.

A scholarship for loving triethlons

Triethlons are doing a really hard job. So, as a reward for all the efforts you've made.

But this is not all-you will also get a British triathlon membership, a personal package of Kit Brix Triathlon and a whole lot more!

Unfortunately, every year there is only one scholarship, and you need to convince the bench that you will be an exemplary sports ambassador if you want to win funding.

If you think you can crack it, head to.

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Even if you don't get fame and fortune at Beyonse's level, the angel's voice will still see you earning a beautiful sum of money.

If you study (or plan to study) at Exeter University and think that your vocal chords are ready to work, you may want to join but don't try to sign yourself, take your money and run. The scholarship is paid by monthly parties, and they are quite hot in attendance, which means that this possibility is best for students with a genuine passion for choral singing The Ferrari, if your parents were in the Royal Navy or the Royal Marines.

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There is no additional university funding for military personnel (or those who previously served in the armed forces)

As a child of a current or former marine or marine officer, you can be rewarded.

Scholarship in Wales

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If you've been to Wales, you know someone from Wales, or you know anything about the country, you'll know they're very interested in keeping the Welsh language. And for what it's worth, it seems to work!

As part of this effort, a number of colleges and universities offer scholarships to students studying the degree of their education in Wales (note: this is not a degree in Welsh, i.e., Welsh language)

One of the most generous Welsh Fellows we've got.

The scholarship for her going to school in Pembrokeshire

You stay in Wales, and if you're going to high school in Pembrokeshire, you're lucky!

You can be a student

This gives you the opportunity to test all aspects of the port, including maritime, engineering and business units.

You see, there's really funding for anything!

But remember that this is by no means exhaustive lists of unusual grants, scholarships and scholarships, even if you do not have the right to do so, it would simply be as easy to be an incomprehensible pot of money you have a right-so search!